Adam Carolla Project Episodes 12 and 13

Episode 12 "The Home Stretcher"

Episode 13 "Selling It Like It Is"

The Adam Carolla Project Episode 11

Chris Boehm, Adam Carolla, Ray OldhaferHere's episode number 11 out of 13 episodes from The Adam Carolla Project.  This episode is titled, "There's a New Foreman in Town."  It originally aired December 13th, 2005 on TLC.

There are only 2 weeks left to complete the project and as usual Adam is extremely busy. His construction crew fails several more inspections and his assistant Matt quits.

Adam's childhood buddy Chris Boehm(pictured with Adam and Ray) is a general contractor and he agrees to come on as site foreman in order to help speed up construction.  Billy threatens to leave the job site yet again, this time it's because of an issue with the new foreman.  The project is way behind it seems but Adam remains confident that the house will be done on time.

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Episode 10 of The Adam Carolla Project from 2005

The Adam Carolla ProjectThis is week 10 of The Adam Carolla Project which originally aired Tuesday December 6th, 2005 on TLC.  The title of this episode is "Quitters Inc."  This is the 10th episode of thirteen total.

During this episode Steven, Ray and Billy decide to quit and leave the job site.  Adam's new Comedy Central talk show, "Too Late With Adam Carolla," premieres.  Genius Ozzie starts a grease fire while barbecuing inside the garage and Adam relieves some stress in the boxing ring(pictured below).

Some of the goals for this episode include finishing the roof and installing the cabinets.  You'll have to watch for yourself to see weather or not they get anything done.  To see previous episodes click here.

Adam Carolla Boxing
Adam Carolla Boxing Practice


The Adam Carolla Project Returns To The DIY Network

It's back! The Adam Carolla Project, which originally aired in 2005 will return to the DIY Network this fall. If you're a true Carolla fan you've probably already seen the show and episode 1 through 9 are posted here but none the less it's exciting that the show is getting another chance. I feel like it didn't get the attention it deserved the first time around so hopefully it will do better this time. The first episode is set to premiere on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 10 p.m. ET and will have the same time slot for the rest of the episodes.

Adam Carolla Project, DIY Network
Premieres Saturday, October 8th at 10 p.m. ET on the DIY Network

Here's the show description via DIY Network:
"On DIY Network’s The Adam Carolla Project, comedian and one-time construction worker Adam Carolla (Loveline, The Man Show, Crank Yankers) has an ill-fated plan to buy his childhood home and attempt to turn it into a million-dollar house in just 13 weeks. Armed with his self-described “band of unemployable idiots,” Adam can only shake his head as the project turns into a comedic parody of home improvement with budget overruns, blown schedules and celebrity drop-ins..."

  • The Adam Carolla Project
  • Premiere: Saturday, Oct. 8 at 10 p.m. ET
  • Regular Time Slot: Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET
  • Expert Host: Adam Carolla


AceBroadcasting Studio Upgrade on Hollywood Hi-Tech

Janna Robinson and her team give the Ace Broadcasting studio an upgrade and remodel on the show Hollywood Hi-Tech from the DIY Network.  You get a behind the scenes look at the studio and all it's glory as new equipment is installed.  Some of that equipment includes a new Tri-Caster(NewTek HD TriCaster 850 Extreme), a flat screen monitor, hi-def cameras and microphones. Keep your eyes peeled for a rare sighting of Donny Misraje aka executive producer of The Adam Carolla Show.  He's one of few that can pull off the 70's era porn star look with such class.  Gotta love him.

Janna Robinson, Hollywood Hi-Tech, Ace Broadcasting



Harry Seaward Explained On The Adam Carolla Show

Here's a clip from a recent episode of The Adam Carolla Show.  In the clip Adam Carolla talks about the name "Harry Seaward" with Alison Rosen and Bald Bryan.  At the end of the clip they play the infamous paging of Harry Seaward casino prank.

"Would Harry Seaward please go to a courtesy phone..."


Harry Seaward, Prank