Police Officer Plus Pot Brownie = Funny 911 Call!

This is a must see hilarious video in which a Police Officer from Dearborn, MI makes a desperate 911 call because he thinks he is dying(at one point he says "I think we're dead, I really do"). This is all because he and his wife made some brownies with a special ingredient. It's an ingredient that this very cop arrested many people for possessing. It's marijuana and in fact after one of those arrests instead of turning in the marijuana the officer stole it and brought it home for he and his wife.

During the more than 5 minute 911 call he can be heard explaining that "time is going by really, really, really, really slow" and that his heart is barely beating. This incident is fairly dated, but I thought it was worth posting anyway. It's also worth noting that from what I've read the officer, Edward Sanchez, never faced any criminal charges and was not even fired. He did resign on his own though, but still has a clean record. Aw jeez! Hollywood couldn't have scripted this any better.

For more details on this story check out WZZM 13 news in Michigan.

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