Teresa Strasser showing her hot legs à la Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

This is a recorded live stream from the Adam Carolla Show May 25th, 2010.  It's worth watching even if you've already heard this specific episode because "T"(Teresa Strasser) does her version of the famous Sharon Stone scene in Basic Instinct(talk about a Harry Seaward!), though I don't think she was entirely conscious of it at the time.(there's a second video at the bottom too).

Sharon Stone, Famous Sexy Legs in Basic Instinct

This is as close to T's Harry Seaward as you'll ever see(while still awake).
(the actual video starts at the 02:59 mark)

Super sweet appearance by the legs of Teresa Strasser!
This is my new favorite video of Teresa's legs. She is definately looking as good as ever in this clip from the show TV Watercooler which is on the TV Guide Network.

I really miss her on the Adam Carolla Show. I hope she comes back one day because she works well with Adam and has a great sense of humor. She is so smart and seems to really understand how to interact with Adam on air to make him seem even funnier. Plus she is hot!


Shavon Seaward said...

Harry Seaward, that's a good name for T's V lol.

Giovanni's Punani said...

I think she did on purpose and was consious of showing off her legs. Otherwise she would have wear pants. But im not complaining!

Anonymous said...

T is the shit!