Shira Lazar Does Tour of The Ace Broadcasting Studio

During Shira Lazar's guest stint as news girl on the Adam Carolla show she filmed a behind the scenes video of the Ace Broadcasting studio/garage.  The executive producer extraordinaire also know as Donny Misraje makes an appearance in this clip.  Bald Bryan aka Bryan Bishop makes an appearance (while watching the Simpsons I think) with a dog named Charlie(not sure if it's his).  My favorite part of the clip is Bryan's hilarious response when asked by Shira, "Introduce yourself to everyone." Bryan answers, "I'm sorry who are you?" haha!  That was my favorite part hands down.  Ya gotta love Bryan!  And finally Harland Williams makes an appearance as he sort of invites himself on camera to shamelessly promote himself.  As usual he left his funny jokes at home, however, I think he's a nice enough guy and I'm sure he's funny to some people.  To each his(or her) own I guess.  Anyway check it out if you haven't already.


Bryan Bishop - @BaldBryan

Shira Lazar - @ShiraLazar

Harland Williams - @HarlandWilliams

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Anonymous said...

Thank-goodness Alison Rosen beat out Shira for the spot as news girl!