Adam Carolla Bursts Over Inflated Bubble of Piers Morgan

This is a clip of Adam's recent appearance on KTLA News.  During the segment the hosts talked about Piers Morgan who's show Piers Morgan Tonight airs on CNN in place of  Larry King Live.  Adam didn't hold back when expressing his opinion of Piers calling him a "blowhard...who's lucky to even have a gig."  Basically he said out loud what everyone else was already thinking, but funnier.  He definitely brought his a-game and it made for some great television.

Piers Morgan on Larry King Live

"Who's Piers Morgan by the way and who decided in advance that we're all in love with this limey?"    -Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla, KTLA News, Water Cooler Buzz

"Before the Apprentice I'd never heard of this ass what's the big deal?"  -Adam Carolla


Anonymous said... a matter of feeling, not of years.

Harry Seaward said...

Hey thanks anonymous!!