Adam Carolla on Hollywood Uncensored with Sam Rubin

This is a clip from a recent Adam Carolla appearance on the show Hollywood Uncensored with Sam Rubin.  It's a cable show that airs on the ReelzChannel.  There were two other guests on the show one of which was Wee Man from MTV's Jackass.  Adam carried the show pretty well as did Wee Man who also contributed a fair share but the other guest, some woman, was essentially just a laugh track.  I definately won't waste my time watching this show in the future unless Adam visits again.  It's just another hollywood gossip show and has nothing unique or original.  Nevertheless this episode is worth watching.  The episode was number 128 and there are four total clips available including the one below which is titled "Lines, Joints and Other Drugs with Adam Carolla." I also made a YouTube playlist with all four clips.

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