Episodes 1-4 of The Adam Carolla Project from 2005

Adam Carolla ProjectHere are the first 4 episodes of The Adam Carolla Project.  The show originally aired in 2005 on TLC.  If you've not seen this show you're in for a treat.  There are 13 episodes during which Adam Carolla buys his father's house, attempts to renovate it with some friends in 13 weeks and then attempts to sell it for a million dollars.

In the first episode of The Adam Carolla Project, which is titled "So I had This Great Idea..." Adam buys his father's house and has plans drawn up for the property.  Then it's demolition time as his crew begins to dismantle the structure piece by piece.  To move ahead to episode 5 click here.  For more info on this show check out the IMDB for the show or the Wikipedia page.

Episode 1: "So I had This Great Idea..."

Episode 2: "The Fellowship of the License Plate"

Episode 3: "The Robbery"

Episode 4: "Who Framed Adam Carolla?"

Watch episode 5 of The Adam Carolla Project here.



Big Johnson said...

Hell yeah! I didn't even know about this show. How can I see the rest of it?

Get it on, duh!! said...

Awesome, I love this show. Did they not promote it very well in 2005?

Anonymous said...

Matt couldn't protect a bag of dog shit. And he's a hack comedian stick to the glory holes.

AceManFan said...

To Mr. Harry Seaward you are the man I can't find the episodes by searching on youtube but here they all are. Salute!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the show??? Apparently I discovered it too late but loved it. What happened at the end? Did they finish the house??

Harry Seaward said...

@Anon - This show aired way back in 2005, so that's probably why you missed it.

Anyway you can find out for yourself what happened at the end. All 13 episodes are available at my Adam Carolla Project Page.