The Adam Carolla Project Episode 5 (full video)

Here is episode 5 of The Adam Carolla Project (there are 13 total).  In this episode Adam visits his dentist for a little root canal while his crew is more interested in discussing their favorite DVDs than actually doing any real work. Then later Adam helps to celebrate his grandmother's 92nd birthday and even though he's a busy man he still finds time to choose porn names for himself and buddy Ray.  Such good times!

To watch the previous 4 episodes click here.  For episode 6 click here.

  • Episode 5 Title: "Dentists, DVDs and Debauchery" 
  • Originally aired: Tuesday November 1st, 2005 on TLC.


yaggi69 said...

Thanks for posting, love this show, hopefully you can post all of them

Anonymous said...

Fucking sweet!!

Def Frat Guy said...

Episode 6?

Anonymous said...

more! please