The Car Show From SPEED TV Has Finally Arrived

Episode 1 of The Car Show titled "Kill the Lemon" has finally aired.  I thought it was well made and fun to watch.  It had a good balance between automotive content and the Aceman's comedy.  The latter is what makes this show likable in my opinion and seperates it from all the other dull, hard to watch car shows.  Of course as a fan of Carolla's I have a slight bias so watch the show for yourself and decide if it's a keeper(complete first episode posted below).  It's a weekly show airing Wednesday's at 10pm ET on SPEED.

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Description of The Car Show episode 1 from
"The race is on as Adam, John, Matt and Dan race in the “24 Hours of Lemons”, a highly competitive endurance racing series where cars cannot be worth more than $500 and cheating is encouraged. Then, they’re off to the Mojave Mile, where once a year, a local airstrip is transformed into a one-mile drag strip. Matt Farah is there with a Porsche GT3 RS. His only goal: to go as fast as humanly possible. Later, Dan Neil takes the swanky Rolls-Royce Ghost on a road test. Using his technical expertise and offbeat humor, he finds out if it’s really worth a quarter-million dollars. Special Guest: Jimmie Johnson, the first auto racing driver to be named Athlete of the Year by Associated Press and winner of five consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup Championships."

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Sorry, Top Gear is way better.