Episode 8 of The Adam Carolla Project

Here's the eighth episode of The Adam Carolla Project.  In this episode Adam goes back to his high school after 20 years to see if he can finally get his diploma. He never received it because he owed $19.95 for a school book that was lost. A leak in the bathroom floor of the house is found.  Billy, the carpenter and previous foreman, gets aggravated and goes missing for a couple days. Adam's friend Ray(currently does a podcast with Pops Carolla) tries to quit smoking and Dr. Drew himself makes a cameo.

Ray Oldhafer, Adam Carolla Project, episode 8, High School, Football

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Adam Carolla, high school, GPA, Grade Point Average

  • Episode 8 Title: "Fast Times At Carolla High" 
  • Originally aired: Tuesday November 22nd, 2005 on TLC. 



    Ray's Beard said...

    Love it.

    Dugout said...

    I put mustard on it!