Episode 9 of The Adam Carolla Project from 2005

Adam Carolla, Molly Sims, Softball, Dodger Stadium, Hollywood Stars NightThis is episode 9 of The Adam Carolla Project. On this episode Adam's Comedy Central show launches. Since he's busy doing promotion for the launch he can't spend as much time overseeing the construction on the house and starts to stress over the progress, or lack there of.

Adam's assistant Matt does some stand up comedy at The Laugh Factory for his second time ever. In preparation he meets with comedian Dom Irrera for advice on doing stand up but the meeting is less than successful and ends on an awkward note.

Adam's nephew Anthony is joined by his older brother Nick who gets a bit of a hazing by Ray and the rest of the crew. The guys then measure, dig and eventually install a pool, but not before a few mishaps occur. After it's filled with water Ray takes a dip in his birthday suit.

To wrap the show up Adam and Jimmy Kimmel play in the annual Hollywood Stars softball game at Dodger Stadium(pictured above: Adam and Molly Sims). Then the guys bid farewell to Adam's nephew Anthony who heads back home to Chicago.

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Ray Oldhafer, Skinny Dipping

  • Episode 9 Title: "Chasing Rainbows" 
  • Originally aired: Tuesday November 29th, 2005 on TLC



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    Freaking Ray is nuts!

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    the rest of the project?

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    Please post the rest of the show.

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    All 13 episodes are posted on

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