This site is dedicated to all things Adam Carolla (or at least closely related). I'm a fan of Adam's and I've followed his career for over a decade starting with Loveline

The domain name comes from Adam when he was joking around about funny names and among others he came up with the name Harry Seaward(official meaning and background click here).

I thought it was pretty creative so I got together with a super smart nerdy dude I knew from way back in high school and he helped me get this thing started.

If you have any suggestions or advice about links, content, or anything else you think would be helpful just leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by the site I hope you like it so far. And if you're interested in helping and have any design or programming skills don't be shy. I'm learning as I go and could really use some experienced help. Ok thats all for now, Mahalo.

Adam Carolla and crew discuss the meaning of Harry Seaward